Standard Issue Women's Spats 2-PACK - Updated 2022 Edition


Brand new & thoroughly updated Standard Issue spats.
The revised 2022 edition includes a significant improvement to the waistband fit (as well as overall fit, which now matches 93brand's premium/sublimated compression leggings) and a superior main body material.

The other primary upgrades that 93brand has worked on for the women's edition are:

- Contoured high-waist design with a thicker 2-layer / higher-stretch fabric 
- Gusset crotch / removes the "x" shaped overlap seam previously at the center groin (women's)

Along with the facelift and improvements to the fit / fabrics / feel, the new 2022 version brings some new colors to the table. Maintaining the simple solid color aesthetic, each set includes 1 black and 1 dark burgundy. No scratchy interior labels. Strong high-tensile flatlock stitching.

XS: 100 lbs and under
S: 100-125 lbs
M: 125-140 lbs
L: 140-160 lbs
XL: 160-180 lbs
2XL: 180-200 lbs