We (a few mediocre grapplers in NY) started toying with the idea of our own  BJJ brand in 2011. 
Sampling, testing, second-guessing. . . that all took a year, and we ended up launching our first two products in November 2012 (the grey "Goose" Gi and the old "Choking Hazard" rashie). 

In the years leading up, we were working in the BJJ industry and noticed it seemed there were two extremes available to Gi grapplers: Either a low-budget Gi that really looked the part; zero attention to the fit/fabrics and zero effort into the look. Or a high-end Gis with nice colors but priced at a steep premium. Folks paying $150 for a used Gi. . . or double the MSRP second-hand. 
What really shocked us, though, is that neither purchase option seemed to come with the brand supporting your expectation of the Gi's longevity or the fit's accuracy. 
So we saw an opportunity to make a product that had some creativity put into it and exceeded the durability standards of the higher-priced Gis, all while maintaining a more affordable price-tag and available in modified sizes for as many grapplers as possible. Most importantly, we stand behind the product like no other brand does.
And in true East Coast fashion, we have an affinity for NOGI and wrestling, so we kept a steady output of compression gear too ;)

We're a small company run by New Yorkers.
We, along with most American grapplers, would never have been introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu if it were not for the events of November 1993.
When Royce took to the octagon over 20 years ago, I remember watching it on a scrambled PPV channel with my cousins and uncles in the Bronx.
While Bruce Lee is the reason that many Americans aspired to do martial arts in general, that infamous eight-man tournament in '93 is the reason that a lot of Americans developed an interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specifically.
So as a shout-out to the year responsible for introducing the US to grappling, we are 93brand.