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    Men's Grappling Underwear Size Guide
    XS: 26-28"
    S: 28-30"
    M: 30-32"
    L: 32-34"
    XL: 34-36"
    2XL: 36-38"
    3XL: 38-40"
    4XL: 40-42"
    5XL: 42-44"
    Women's Grappling Underwear Size Guide
    S: 90-110 lbs
    M: 110-125 lbs
    L: 125-145 lbs
    XL: 145-165 lbs
    2XL: 165-185 lbs
    Note: These are cut with a compression fit. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, it's safe to go one size up.