If you are between sizes, go down a size to ensure a good fit for combat sports. The shorts main material has a two-way stretch that will prevent the waist/hips from inhibiting your movement, meaning the garment will function much better for grappling if it's on the snug side as opposed to the loose side.
While the Women's Shorts have a similar inseam to our Men's "Short Length" Shorts (both styles have an inseam of 5.5 to 6 inches), they will appear shorter since the women's cut doesn't need extra room directly under the crotch.
Overall, the women's cut is closer to the body. For this reason, if you're in between sizes, we recommend bumping up. We've used an elasticated waist for the rear half of the waistband, so that bumping up won't cause any loose waist issues. 
Some guidelines for women's sizes:
S: 00-0
M: 2-4
L: 6-8
XL: 10-12
2XL: 12 and up