JIU JITSU ORIGINALS Women's Casual Gi Pants - Dark Marl Grey


The "Jiu Jitsu Originals" Casual Gi Pants are meant for your everyday use, but have roots in the dojo. Paying tribute to the gentle art with elements from the traditional training uniform: Fabrics, Drawstring closure; Multi-point loop system; Gusseted crotch; Stitch pattern; Elevated rear waist. A few key alterations serve to better balance these Gi-inspired features with wearable apparel:

Tapered slim fit

Redesigned mesh-lined pockets* (resized and moved higher up, with a more natural forward angle)

12oz Marl Grey Canvas Construction

Unique Jewel Weave loop accents

Signature 4-point loop system

Minimal branding for a clean look

Reinforced bar-tack rear pocket stitching

Folded label accent along rear pocket

Lightweight Pearl Weave bar-tacked rear pocket with folded label accent


Since the traditional training Gi is intended for maximum mobility, the fit tends to be more boxy than you'd find in your wardrobe at home. So we modified each size to make these pants more form-fitting. After taking into consideration which body type each Gi is suited for, the fit was adjusted by slimming the legs and tapering the fit toward the bottom cuff. While BJJ Gis typically have a roomy crotch for maximum guard play and takedowns, it's a bit much for casual use, and isn't particularly flattering on your booty. So we lifted the crotch up and modified the gusset accordingly.

FIT ADVICE: Considering the alterations mentioned above... If you order your usual Gi size, the alterations have already been made (which is why the Size Guide in the image slideshow is different than our typical Gi Size Guide). So you'd receive a fitted pair of pants that hug the body more closely, with a taper and length akin to a pair of fitted chinos or joggers (as the photos show here). And if you tend to be on the cusp of 2 sizes, it's safe to go for the larger size and shrink down if needed.