BUTTERFLY ORIGINALS Women's Casual Gi Pants - Dark Blue


This Fall 2020 style sees the return of our hybrid "Twin Twill" fabric: a lightweight cotton textile with a unique looking texture that's a result of layering conventional ripstop weaving pattern into a twill weave base. While the fabric is one taken from Jiu Jitsu, the overall construction is modified to be more suitable for casual-wear (see below if you're curious about specifics on the mods).

The Gentle Art also gets a shout-out via a few key elements, like the traditional Gi pant gusset, elevated rear waist, and 93brand's drawstring/loop system. 300GSM Pearl Weave is used for the rear pocket, for a little reminder of the mats when you reach for your wallet. Pearl Weave is also used for 4-point loop system, with a butterfly-guard-inspired woven label on the 4th loop. New for this style is the addition of the card/cash flap pocket.

Some noteworthy specs:

  • Tapered slim fit
  • New embroidered pocket for cards/cash
  • Redesigned mesh-lined pockets (resized and moved higher up, with a more natural forward angle)
  • Lightweight "Twin Twill" Hybrid fabric
  • Soft pocket lining with sublimated butterfly-guard-inspired artwork
  • Pearl Weave rear pocket (larger than previous editions)
  • Folded label accent along rear pocket

    Since the traditional training Gi is intended for maximum mobility, the fit tends to be more boxy than you'd find in your wardrobe at home. So 93brand modified each size to make these pants more form-fitting. You don't need to size down to get a slimmer fit. After taking into consideration which body type each Gi is suited for, the fit was adjusted by: slimming the legs, tapering the legs toward the cuff, and lifting the crotch (that baggy gusset needed for guard mobility... it's not flattering on the booty).


    Considering the alterations mentioned above...
    - If you order your usual Gi size, the alterations have already been made (which is why the Size Guide in the image slideshow is different than 93brand's typical Gi Size Guide). So you'd receive a fitted pair of pants that hug the body more closely, with a taper and length akin to a pair of fitted chinos or joggers (as the photos show here).
    - If you tend to be on the cusp of 2 sizes, it's safe to go for the larger size and shrink down if needed (the fabric does have some natural shrinkage).
    - If you prefer a looser fit, go up one size.

    Female model is 5'3" 132 lbs, wearing a new unwashed F2.
    Model was able to comfortably size up one notch, resulting in a more relaxed look.