STRIKE Unbleached Jiu Jitsu Gi


NEW YORK JIU JITSU. Working with Half Sumo Collective is always a dope experience, and we love how the "Strike" BJJ Gi turned out!

  • Sublimated mesh interior
  • Thicker and wider EVA foam collar core
  • Unique direct-print patchwork
  • High-quality embroidery and woven label work
  • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk
  • Full-length knee reinforcements
  • Larger vent reinforcements
  • Round stretch drawstring
  • Expanded pant loops

The "Strike" features original illustrations and designs on an unbleached BJJ Gi, for that old school natural/raw cotton look. High-quality embroideries, woven labels, and unique direct-print patches keep the outside looking good. Inside, sublimated soft mesh lining depicts a blown-up version of the 1/2 Sumo x 93brand collab work.

Pre-washed and pre-shrunk materials (100% cotton outer) include 425 Pearl Weave for the jacket and 10oz Twill for the pants. Using our signature EVA foam collar, which utilizes a thicker and wider EVA core. Side vents match the unbleached fabric, with a thin black piping to accent the form of the kimono. Two of the four pant loops are triple-width to better keep the round drawstring in place.

Full-length knee reinforcements ensure comprehensive coverage no matter how you wear your pants, as well as removing the vulnerable horizontal stitch often found at the bottom of Jiu Jitsu pants. A larger vent reinforcement shape (unique to 93brand Gis) replaces the traditional triangle shape, providing more reliable vent backing.