TOOLS OF THE TRADE Women's Rash Guard

$34.99 $54.99

We slipped up with a little typo during production (the word "Objectives" is misspelled). So we're running this first batch with the error at $39.99

  • Low-sheen finish
  • Sublimated graphics throughout
  • Original illustrations
  • Flexible flatlock stitching
  • Generous torso length

Our "Tools of the Trade" rashie pays tribute to the mechanical intricacies and scientific aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Us BJJ folks aren't snobs, but we know our art is valuable and systematic. Black/white textured finish with simple typography. All graphics fully sublimated. Assembled with flexible flatlock stitching and a generous torso length to prevent riding up while rolling. Our newer polyester/spandex blend is more of a matte-finish than our older rash guards, along with a smoother and more consistent compression fit.