M93 Women's Jiu Jitsu Gi

  • 470 GSM Comp Pearl Weave (jacket)
  • Twill-Ripstop "Twin Twill" Hybrid Weave (pants & collar)
  • Full-length knee reinforcements
  • Jewel Weave interior taping and reinforcements
  • Angular sleeve reinforcement for improved sleeve grip-breaking
  • Unique woven label-integrated loops
  • Sublimated poly mesh lining (shoulders and side vents)
  • Comprehensive reinforcement paneling
  • Thicker and wider EVA foam collar core
  • Black stitching (no contrast)
  • Round stretchy drawstring
  • Thin taping along rear jacket skirt
  • High-quality woven labels with merrowed edging
  • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk materials
  • Includes drawstring carry bag
  • IBJJF approved

A follow-up to the popular M93 rash guard! With colors, accents, and designs inspired by one of our favorite vehicles :) 

The M93 BJJ Gi is built for battle. . . featuring very resilient, reliable fabrics. Not only does the preshrunk jacket weave resist stretching, but in an effort to really make it difficult for opponents to get solid sleeve grips, we've inserted an angled lining (using preshrunk canvas cotton) along the sleeves.This reinforcement is situated in just the right place for when someone's trying to get spider guard grips, sleeve grips for throws/trips, closed guard grips, etc. 

This competition-oriented Gi utilizes our usual EVA foam collar core, which is wider and thicker than your average Jiu Jitsu Gi. And it's paired up with one of our favorite new materials: the Twin Twill hybrid weave. This twill-ripstop hybrid offers the best of both worlds, and adds to the strength of our collars, particularly once you're well into your session and it's sweaty. 

Outfitted with full-length knee reinforcements, heavy gauge stitching, and expanded comprehensive side vent reinforcements. Pants feature 3 of our standard sized loops, while the 4th loop is an M-series inspired colored label. 

The Jewel Weave is used minimally, only along the 3 black pant loops + exterior jacket taping + interior seam taping. The Jewel Weave is a deconstructed variation on the classic Judo Diamond weaves, but a bit lighter. We went with this weave because the partial diamond pattern reminded us of the carbon fiber look. 

Includes a drawstring carry bag with the same artwork as the jacket interior, of course inspired by the manual gearing we love so dearly.