CITIZEN 7.0 Women's Shorts

  • Fully sublimated patterns and graphics
  • Stretch fabric body (flexible polyester)
  • Reinforced side seams
  • Split vents with reinforced piping
  • 2-way closure with slim profile strap
  • Internal drawstring

The next installment from our flagship nogi shorts series. . . the Citizen 7.0! 

Built from a flexible poly fabric that won't fail under pressure. Main body has a semi-directional flex so your shorts will move with your body but won't get stretched out too much if your opponent's foot or fingers get caught in the fabric. The crotch panel is an omni-directional full-stretch fabric so ensure you have a complete range of motion for wrestling and guard work. 

Fully sublimated artwork will never fade or peel. Rounded piping along the hem offers reinforcement for the hem seam as well as nice clean finish to the edge of the shorts. Wide but slim closure provides a secure fit without extraneous protrusions that would bother your stomach when hunched over in seated guard, for example. Fine-tune your fit with the internal drawstring, which is a cushioned round style that won't absorb excess moisture