Premium BJJ Rank Belts (All Colors)

  • Twin Twill fabric (unique twill-ripstop hybrid)
  • Merrowed edge patch
  • Embroidered rank color canvas patch
  • Tonal embroidered SEEK HIGHER GROUND at the center of the belt 
  • Tonal repeat pattern along rank bar (subtle black-on-black for colored belts, subtle red-on-red for black belt) 

Nobody likes when their belt's labels are upside-down, so we added something to help out. Use the SEEK HIGHER GROUND embroidery's position as a reference point to make sure the labels and rank bar are facing right-side-up, based on how you tie your belt :) 

Featuring subtle accents such as the tonal pattern along the rank bar (red-on-red for black belt + black-on-black for white/blue/purple/black) and a canvas patch (same color as your belt) with embroidery, also same color as your belt. Small merrowed woven label at the tip. Thick "Twin Twill" fabric wears well with time, softening up with each use and wash.



A0: 104"
A1: 107"
A2: 110"
A3: 113"
A4: 118"
A5: 122"
A6: 125"