PALM Women's Spats


93brand debuted the "PALM" range years back with the Palm Gis, if you remember those gray contrast-collar Gis. But the recent blacked-out PALM nogi series is a move in the right direction. Subtle patterns throughout the main body, which consists primarily of a soft, low-sheen blend (midweight) with a perfect spandex content for great flexibility without losing the form and resiliency of the material.

All graphics are infused into the fabric, ensuring nothing fades or peels with time. Form-fitting panels are kept nice and simple, no complex maze of seams and unnecessary blocks of added fabric. All panels assembled via flatlock stitch-work, using high-tensile thread that won't pop under pressure or restrict your movements on the mat.

Features a two-layer high-waist, which tapers off toward the waistline. Upper edge features a ~1" elastic core, stitched directly to the top hem, so they stay in place without pinching excessively. Interior is blacked out to prevent light from going through and showing the color of your undies :)

WOMEN'S Spats Size Guide
XS: 120 lbs and under
S: 110-130 lbs
M: 130-155 lbs
L: 155-180 lbs
XL: 175-205 lbs