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    We offer our Custom Academy Gis for both adults and children in bundles of 6 or 12 Standard Issue Gis. Add a professional look to your team, build up team camaraderie, and maximize your academy's revenue by adding your own custom embroidery to our Standard Issue Gis.

    Once you place your order through the site, you will need to email us ( with the size breakdown for your order.

    Shipping within the USA is free.
    Custom orders that are being shipped to a non-USA address are subject to a shipping fee that will be calculated at checkout.
    Each bundle price includes one free logo embroidery per Gi (approximately 8.5" max dimension) on the back of the jacket only.
    Bundle minimums start at just 6 units! Simply choose from our Adult bundles or Children's bundles and send us your size breakdown. Note: Adult and children bundles cannot be combined into one 6 unit bundle (meaning if you'd like a mixture of adult and kids Gis, you'll need to order at least 6 adult and at least 6 kids. Due to our very competitive customization pricing and our free shipping offer, there are no additional price breaks available for multiple bundles.
    The average turnaround time from start to delivery is approximately 8 weeks.
    Our customization facility uses state-of-the-art TAJIMA embroidery machines and very close attention to detail, fine-tuning each Gi by hand as needed.
    Experienced staff and gold standard equipment ensure a polished final product, communicating with you throughout the process and closely monitoring everything from the test phase to finished product. For first-time purchases on a logo, our team will embroider a test proof of your logo (embroidered on Gi material so we can see exactly how the finished product will look).
    The 93brand customization facility has a variety of thread colors and can embroider the vast majority of logo designs, though occasionally we will need to simplify a design so that the machine can run it effectively (for example a logo with extreme digital gradients). In such cases, our support team and, if needed, our design team, will work with you on making such changes.